Smart City Solutions:

Experts’ worldwide point out that smart cities will be the future enablers in accelerating economic growth and improving the quality of citizens’ lifestyle.
The Smart City physical infrastructure is convergence into the digital. Rapid urbanization has mandated the need for smart city solutions. The system of smart equipment placed throughout the city, provides a digital information about free parking space, weather conditions, energy consumption, traffic, traffic incidents,  and environmental threats so on. The people can get an access to all of this at any time through their smartphones or other devices. So people will be to choose the best route on the city, to remotely monitor the safety of their homes and to enjoy necessary digital services at any time and in any place where it is needed. This will make urban infrastructure more flexible and personalized, and to create a single platform on the basis of which the people and the technology will be to exchange information.

Our comprehensive suite of smart city solutions ranges from wireless network system, video monitoring,  traffic management, energy efficiency to e-governance, intelligent lighting systems, home and building efficiency systems and smart health care.

Smart city

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